The Office of Downtown Development is located at 133 South Marble Street in Historic Downtown and houses the Downtown Development Authority. The Downtown Development Director staffs the Office and the Authority, serving as a ready point of contact for prospects, project management and administration of day-to-day operations. Together, they serve to preserve downtown’s heritage and expand its economic climate to attract new businesses and support those already here.

The Downtown Development Authority of the City of Rockmart (RDDA) is devoted to the revitalization and preservation of the downtown district it serves.  Regular monthly meetings of the Board are held the fourth Thursday, 8:30am, with the except of November, held on the third Thursday, due to holiday.  Guiding Principles of the Board adopted December 22, 2022:  We believe in dedication, integrity and transparency; Therefore, we shall maintain purposeful economic development practices that ensure a vibrant and preserved historic city center. 

Downtown Development Authorities are used in cities throughout the state of Georgia to revitalize and redevelop municipal central business districts (OCGA 36-42).  A DDA is a type of public corporation, a separate legal entity known as a Statutory Authority.  A DDA consists of a board of seven directors who are appointed by the municipal governing authority to serve staggered four-year term. At least four of the members must have a business interest in the district and live in the city or in the county.  One of the directors can be a member of the city council with terms running concurrent. One director may also live outside the county, if they own a business within the district.

Authorities are eligible to apply for and receive state loans and grants and to be a conduit of such funds to the private sector. OCGA 36-42-8 lists the general powers of DDAs. They can own, acquire and improve property, and may enter into contracts and intergovernmental agreements. They may contract with a government entity for a maximum of 50 years through an intergovernmental agreement.


Scott Williams, Chairman

Joe Henderson, Vice Chair

Denise Bell, Secretary/Treasurer

Amanda Culver, Outreach

Sondi Vest, Business Development

Tina Lanier, Promotion/Marketing

Todd Renner, Design


To develop and promote a prosperous downtown supporting business, cultural, historic and recreational assets.


To be an economically vibrant resource where the past and present stand side by side and citizens and visitors alike experience a thriving, livable city center with a diverse marketplace.